Golden Triangle Tour Package

The Golden Triangle India Tour.

With the growing popularity of the tourism industry on a global scale, India is witnessing an exponential growth of its usual ever-growing number of travelers, seekers of adventure and of pleasure of experience. The Indian Golden triangle thus provides a compact journey which is a perfect introduction to the rich cultural heritage of fascinating secrets, magnificent monuments, bustling markets and of colourful rural lifestyles.
Running through the national capital of Delhi, the circuit runs for about 720km by road connecting national wonders such as the mesmerising beauty of the renowned Taj, the opulence of massive palaces, the grandeur of the magnificent Pink City and the ever-lasting bustle of bazaars that have preserved and continue their legacy since colonial times.
India is a nation of diversity. A ride of 200 miles from anywhere one is lands them up in a place that is entirely different in terms of food, clothing, lifestyle, occupation, and environment it has to offer. What makes this circuit as popular as it is, is its easy accessibility, the distinct variety of cultures and innumerable places of interest such a small region holds.
Once upon a time the land of rajputs, maharajas and sultans , the land of the sapt-sindhu (seven rivers) has now turned into one of the most captivating tourist locations whose charm attracts travelers world-wide.